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Weekly payments

* 1987 Act Part 3 Division 2 ss 32A through 58 >> * Google/piets.com.au/wcms/'weekly payments' >> * WCC Forms, wages schedule form 18 >>

Cordina Chicken Farms PL v Thoa Hong Le [2008] NSWWCCPD 125, Roche DP.

[59] .. (d) an entitlement to two awards is subject to the following limit on the quantum of compensation that may be awarded. The combined compensation under the two awards, plus the worker's residual earning capacity, must not exceed the amount the worker would have earned had he remained uninjuredAlcan Australia Ltd v Jordan (1995) 11 NSWCCR 475 at 482E. This does not offend s 40(5) of the 1987 Act, which restricts the compensation payable for 'any period of partial incapacity' as a result of an injury (see s 33) but says nothing about the quantum of compensation payable in respect of multiple awards resulting from multiple injuries.


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