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Insurance, statutory policy

Dundullimal Holdings t/as Western Parcel Express v Minett [2007] NSWWCCPD 175 Snell ADP 09.08.07: 

30. The statutory policy is contained in Form 3 of Schedule 1 to the Workers Compensation Regulation 2003.

Clause 3 of the policy provides the insurer is liable, inter alia, for "compensation that the Employer becomes liable to pay under the Act to or in respect of any person who is a worker of the Employer".

Clause 5 makes the insurer directly liable to a worker.

Clause 6 provides "The Insurer is bound by and subject to any judgment, order, decision or award given or made against the Employer, in respect of any liability for which the insurer is liable to indemnify the Employer under this Policy."

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