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Evidence, worker's statement

From WCC E.Bulletin No. 41 March 2011: link >>

Workers’ Statement

Issues for inclusion in a worker’s statement

1. Prior work history;

2. Prior injury history;

3. Names of medical practitioners;

4. Periods of incapacity;

5. Current address;

6. Names and dates of birth of dependents;

7. A full description of how each injury occurred;

8. A description of the physical effects of each injury;

9. Details of any attempt at light work or alternative duties post injury;

10. Details of all unsuccessful attempts to find suitable work;

11. Details of any physical restrictions;

12. Details of the type of suitable duties the worker is fit for;

13. Details of the availability of suitable work;

14. Details of the earnings available in suitable employment;

15. Details of any witnesses to the accident/accidents;

16. Details of reports of injury;

17. Details of the compensation claimed including the amount claimed and the relevant periods, and

18. Details of the earnings of comparable employees.

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