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Evidence, specialist tribunal

StateCover Mutual Ltd v Smith [2012] NSWCA 27.

Macfarlan JA

28. The second respondent did not contend that the present was a case where the common experience of the decision maker was sufficient to support the finding (see Tubemakers of Australia Ltd v Fernandez (1976) 50 ALJR 720 at 724 - 725) or that the Commission, as a specialist tribunal, was entitled to, and did here, use knowledge acquired as a specialised tribunal to make the finding (see generally ICI Australia Operations Pty Ltd v WorkCover Authority of New South Wales [2004] NSWCA 55; 60 NSWLR 18 at [216] - [234] and Dasreef Pty Ltd v Hawchar [2011] HCA 21; 85 ALJR 694 at [44] - [47]). Nor did the second respondent submit that the lay evidence of Mr Smith was, alone, capable of supporting the finding.

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