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Bestcare Foods v Origin Energy; Origin Energy v Bestcare Foods [2007] NSWSC 354. Hammerschlag J.

[In 30] A class is a group the members of which come within a certain category or description defined by a general or collective formula: Pearks v Moseley (1880) 5 App Cas 714 at 723 per Lord Selborne; ASX Operations Pty Ltd v Pont Data Australia Pty Ltd (No1) (1990) 27 FCR 460 at 488.

The term “class” is defined in the Macquarie Concise Dictionary, 4th ed at 221 as ”a number of persons, things, animals etc., regarded as forming one group through the possession of similar qualities; a kind; sort”. In my view, Pt 4 applies to a category or categories of civil liability. Hence, in my view, the Part represents a class or classes of civil liability defined by a general or collective formula.

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