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Bush lawyer

There are at least three incidents distinguishing a bush lawyer from a practitioner:

1. A bush lawyer never achieves agreement about the law or the facts, that is, a bush lawyer is always wrong;

2. A bush lawyer is never to be found to render assistance;

3. A bush lawyer cannot be insured.


A Bush Lawyer

by A B Paterson

When Ironbark the turtle came to Anthony's lagoon 
The hills were hid behind a mist of equinoctal rain, 
The ripple of the rivulets was like a cheerful tune 
And wild companions waltzed among the grass as tall as grain.

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* After finishing school, Paterson became an articled clerk at a Sydney law firm, and was admitted as a solicitor in 1886. Paterson practised as a solicitor until the early years of the twentieth century, by which time he had also developed a promising literary career. More >>


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