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Amendments overview by WCC

From the WC Commission's E-bulletin No. 49 published 6 September 2012

A summary of recent Legislative amendments
Below is a brief overview of the changes made to the NSW Workers Compensation legislation.
• Cost amendments – Not yet proclaimed. It is unclear what the effect of these changes will be once proclaimed.
• Disease claims – The definition of injury now requires employment to be the main contributing factor.
• One assessment only for the purposes of lump sum compensation, commutation of liability or claim for work injury damages.
• There is no longer provision for pain and suffering.
• Claimants are now required to have a WPI of greater than 10% WPI in order to make a claim.
• Journey claims are no longer allowed unless there is a “real and substantial connection” between employment and the injury.
• No longer compensation for claims for heart attack or stroke unless the nature of employment gave rise to significantly greater risk.
• Commutations available under certain circumstances.
• Work capability assessments to be undertaken by claims officers – no longer the jurisdiction of the NSW Workers Compensation Commission.
More details on the changes can be obtained from the WorkCover Authority website at: http://www.workcover.nsw.gov.au/aboutus/newsroom/Pages/WorkersCompensationIssuesPaper.aspx

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